The Promasys HSEQ Software Suite

Performance monitoring is an essential part of any management system, at any management level. In real life, companies continuously evolve, and require frequent adaptation to new circumstances and priorities. Entire assets may come and go within a year. Management systems continuously evolve in learning organizations. The performance monitoring system must be flexible to adapt, with minimum effort, and within days or weeks. The Promasys® HSEQ Software Suite delivers dynamic control on the scale and long term planning, without high investments or commitments upfront.
Management must be provided with prompt, complete, correct and clear information. This will enable optimal use of available resources and delivering optimal performance.
The Promasys® Software Suite is a Pro-active Management System that is based on field experience.

The right data, at the right time

The Promasys® HSEQ Software Suite will equip your employees with the right data, at the right time, and in the right format. You can review and analyze the collected data for auditing and reporting and use it to improve performance. Decision-makers can spot problems early and execute a work-around to contain the problem before it develops into an incident.

Promasys® provides insight into current and historical incidents, follow-up investigation, root-cause analysis and corrective actions to reduce the risk of adverse events. The Promasys® HSEQ Software Suite is flexible and enables our customers to create tailor-made screens that fit every possible scenario. This flexibility combined with years of field experience decreases the configuration times drastically and creates a ‘first time right’ implementation. You can have the Promasys HSEQ Software Suite as well as trained employees go ‘live’ within a month.

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