Pearl is the incident / near miss registration system within the Promasys® Software Suite. Pearl is designed to document detailed information on incidents into a Promasys® database.


Almost all information fields and tabs within this module can be configured that they meet your organizations specific requirements. This will enable you to have:

  • Structured communication and documentation
    e.g. for colleagues, corporate, experts and other stakeholders (sometimes represented by the press...)
  • Initiation of immediate corrective action if required
  • Analyses / search for structural strengths and weaknesses: pro-active management
  • Monitoring of performance: benchmarking and trends


  • Initial (preliminary) information of incidents, near misses, non-conformities and improvement proposals are entered in the database, in principle by anybody, based on a ‘no blame’ policy.
  • Management and line evaluates the need for immediate action.
  • The information is enhanced, using the ‘TRIPOD Delta’ methodology for analyses of causes, (e.g. what Basic Risk Factors apply).
  • Periodic statistical reporting and analyses can be executed.

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