The financial results a company delivers in today’s economy are no longer the only defining measure of strength. A company’s approach to corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability is gaining ground. The independent verification of each installation’s annual emissions is one of the key foundations of the market. It is essential that the systems in place generate reliable and verifiable emission data.

Core structure

Core Structure is the core of your environment reporting system. Core Structure is auditable and transparent and enables performance monitoring of environmental emissions. Defining the Core Structure in a Promasys® monitoring database implies defining what performance data are required, and how these data will be achieved. The latter often requires calculations and aggregations (when different sources contribute to the result). Any chemical component can be reported at any emission point, where its emissions can be calculated using any formula (including if-then-else), towards any destination type (air/water/waste, etc.).

Six-step requirements ladder

The Promasys® Software suite is based on a six-step requirements ladder.
If you have a full overview of what (1) needs to be monitored, you are at the basis. E.g. you realize that you have to report NOx emissions to atmosphere. If you know where (2) the NOx sources are, you are climbing the ladder already. If - per source - you can tell how (3) you calculate, and believe the related method (4) is defendable or you even have consensus (5) on that method, you may have reached level 6: benchmark. Only at that level you can justify to actually use the numbers for decision-making and publication.

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