The CAR module delivers a centralized and controlled process for Corrective and Preventative actions across a multi-site organization. Car enables you to allocate Actions across the organization, determine whether the Action is Preventative or Corrective, set completion dates, and upload and attach the appropriate information. Action allocation provides complete accountability across the organization, whilst approval processes can be aligned with your company structure.

The CAR module

The Corrective Actions Register (CAR) module is designed to initiate and follow up corrective actions based on reported incidents and near misses in Pearl. CAR is based on the PDCA quality circle:

  • Plan;
  • Do;
  • Check;
  • Act.

CAR is used to initiate, track and manage actions of any kind in a structural way. Car recognizes different roles, like approver and verifier, and guides the end-user through the process of completing the corrective action(s). All CARs can be linked to incidents and enable you to monitor the overall progress of all or a selection of CARs.

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