Promasys modules

Promasys® consists of four modules that each has its own set of functions. These modules are designed to align and work seamlessly together, but also have the ability to operate stand-alone. The following modules are available:

Health & Safety

Pearl is the incident / near miss registration system within the Promasys® HSEQ Software Suite. Pearl is designed to document detailed information on incidents into a Promasys® database. Incidents or near-misses reported in Pearl, can be linked to a CAR entry that allows you to minimize the chance of recurrence.


The CAR module delivers a centralized and controlled process for Corrective and Preventative actions across a multi-site organization. It's a sophisticated module that allows users to plan corrective actions which will be tracked and monitored by the module.


The Promasys® HSEQ Software Suite features multiple layers of reporting, as well as risk assessment, root causes, and follow-up. Q-Track features an extensive Report managing system, which enables the Auditor to generate specific auditing reports. Auditors can also be managed, as well as auditees.


Environment nowadays is a more important issue then ever. A company’s approach to corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability is gaining ground. It is essential that the systems in place generate reliable and verifiable emission data. The Promasys® Environment module helps you generate and report this reliable data.

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