Login to the Cloud

The Promasys® user receives one or more logon ID’s and associated passwords. Users log on to the cloud via our website. Please contact info@upbound.com to set up an account, and receive Logon ID’s and passwords for your company’s users.

Your private workspace

After you are logged on, your are connected to your personal workspace. From here you start and work with the Promasys® Software Suite. When logged on, you will experience working on the Upbound® Cloud as if you are working on your own computer in a Windows environment.

Availability of data

Within your personal workspace you will be able to create and populate your own performance monitoring databases. Every database can act as 'island' to serve a dedicated monitoring task (e.g. ‘incident monitoring’, ‘emissions to air monitoring’, etc.). To help you do that, the Promasys® software's template databases may help you.


As authorized database owner, you can create your own reports, next to the reports the Promasys® Software Suite already provides. It is also possible to migrate your databases to one or more data warehouses. Data warehouses may be regional, or corporate, etc.. Their purpose is to facilitate a broader reporting scope (regional, corporate, etc.)

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