Why the Upbound Cloud?

With the Promasys® Software Suite being a multi-user system sharing confidential information, Upbound B.V. recognized the relevance of securely connecting computers through the internet. Upbound also recognized the –newer- possibilities of shifting duty between connected computers without jeopardizing the end-users ‘private desktop’ feeling: the ‘Upbound® Cloud’ was born. Once safely logged on via a web-based logon screen, the end user will experience the exact looks, feels, and functionality as if the software were locally installed. The Upbound® Cloud enables customers to safely use the Promasys® software from any computer, anywhere, and at any time, as long as a –thin- internet connection is present. Should the internet connection be temporarily lost, a sequence of automatic reconnection attempts will be executed, and at reconnection the end user will find the status of screens in the exact state as when left.


The Upbound® Cloud delivers the following benefits relative to local installations:

  • Agility:
    Companies can easily scale up or down: besides an internet browser on some PC or tablet computer, end users only need a logon ID and a password to connect. User mobility is no factor to take into account anymore, as long as mobile internet is available.
  • Cost Savings:
    The Upbound® Cloud allows end user hardware to be lean. Hardware and infrastructure thus are used at a much better rate, thereby lowering the costs per end user. More end users can be serviced while keeping investments at a low level.
  • Focus:
    The Upbound® Cloud is hosted by Upbound B.V. in a secure environment, maintained and supported by Promasys® specialists. For the larger companies this allows the customer’s IT departments to put more focus on the typical customer specific aspects. For the smaller companies –those without extensive IT infrastructure or support- a professional system such as the Promasys® Software Suite comes within reach.
Read more about the Cloud here.

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